Monday, June 7, 2010

Off To Vermont

The case that Mike V. and I have been working on for several years settled suddenly at 5 pm on Friday. We were all ready to pick a jury on Monday, and had spent all week on pre-trial motions where we did well. We really did not expect it to settle, but when it did, I called Paula, and within a couple of hours had plane ticket. We left Portland at midnight, had a couple of hour layover in Detroit and arrived in Manchester, New Hampshire just after noon on Saturday.

But first a few birds from Rainbow. I took these a few days ago when I was out for a walk. One of my favorite sparrows is the Song Sparrow.

It is really a plain looking bird, but the song is very beautiful. Here is a video I shot of this same bird.

A couple of very beautiful females include this Downy Woodpecker

And this very powerful Red Winged Blackbird

It is always very fun to see the American Goldfinch hanging upside down on the sock filled with thistle seed.

I got this photo of the rain on the flowers that same day.

And now to Vermont. When we arrived on Saturday, the first thing we did was stop at the Snapdragon. Pictures coming soon. We didn't stay long however, as there was a big event scheduled up at the Joseph Smith Memorial. The church was sponsoring a patriotic day honoring the veterans from the area. The main attraction was a youth chorus made up of church kids from all over the region.

If you have not been to the memorial, it has as its central feature a large obelisk honoring the Prophet Joseph who was born just a few feet to the left of the monument in a cabin on the farm belonging to his mother's family.

The program included many songs from the chorus, a speech and award given to Governor Douglas of Vermont, and recognition of local vets like this gentleman

Several of Jordan and K80 Larson's children were in the chorus. Austin and Wyatt had important parts as card holders and singers.

It was a very impressive event. It was fun to see the Boy Scout playing taps in front of the memorial.

And now buried in the middle of this post is the mystery critter. It is often found in high elevation locations in the Andes Mountains. These happen to live down the street on Rainbow lane. Should be an easy one for the first grandchild to read this post to win the $10 for this one.

Of course the most fun thing about Vermont is the Grandkids!

Maddie and friends saying the Pledge! Her hair is definitely wild!

Anders and his buddy Edmundo

Who is growing up way too fast and thinks he is king of the hill.

I can't resist throwing up a picture of Brig's little nephew Lars, of Chris and Mike Cammock. This kid is seriously mischievous.

My nephew Clark has been here nearly a year now and in a week is off to Montana, Oregon and then Hawaii. He has really been a valuable cog in the wheel here.

More later. Chris and Kenni are here now with the little twerp.


Darilyn said...

Love the updates. I love that you bought a ticket and just left. Have fun with the grandkids.

Christian and Kennebec Vial said...

Cute pictures! it's kind of funny that I was sitting right next to you while you were doing all of this and I only saw one of them. and um, you couldn't have just cropped out my face on that last one couldcha? I mean, look at it! I didn't know I was capable of making such an expresion!

I love the flowers with the rain by the way

Chris said...

oh man Rich, that picture of Lars is awesome. I will now be stealing it for my blog :)

paula said...

Kennedy calls this one an Alpaca.